Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

I don’t have any skating experience- can I still join? 

YES! All students, regardless of experience, are encouraged to join! Many of our skaters have never seen ice before coming to college, and more experienced skaters are more than willing to help!

Are there fees I have to pay? 

Yes.  Our club fees are $40 per quarter or $100 for the year.  Fees cover on-ice practices, rides, equipment, skate rentals (if applicable), and other team functions.  Club sports also requires a separate $15 fee that is paid to the ARC.

How  do competitions work?

Competitions happen three times a year, typically one in the Fall Quarter and two in the Winter Quarter.  Competitions are hosted by colleges on the West Coast and the team travels together over the course of the weekend.  Competitions are a really fun way to bond with the team and show some school spirit!  Events are divided up by disciple (men’s, ladies’, and solo dance) and USFS testing levels.   On the collegiate level, there is also an event called “Team Maneuvers” where each school presents a set of maneuvers as a team. Members are also encouraged to compete regardless of experience and with or without testing.

Are we a varsity sport?

No we are a student- run club sport that competes in the collegiate sector of US Figure Skating.  We do not have hired coaching staff and get limited funding from the school.  However, we are lucky enough to have a Skating Development Advisor who hosts off-ice and serves as the Team Coach. 

I want to skate but do not have my own car- what do I do?

Since our school does not have a rink on campus, we drive to nearby rinks to go practice. Our practices include rides but space is limited and it is given by a first come- first serve basis.  Anyone who is willing to drive the team to practices should contact the officers.  Drivers are able to practice more times a week without charge and get a free team jacket!